Unlimited Possibilities and Magic

When Goggled, Hanakia Zedek has his own reference in Wikipedia – impressive. He has been involved in the Psycho-Spiritual, Metaphysical, Esoteric, Philosophical, and Martial Arts for over 40 years, 30 of those teaching professionally. Hanakia is personally active on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, books, articles, interviews and weekly updates on his subscriber website.

In meeting, we could see the massive Tsunami he was creating with his work. We also saw Hanakia as a larger than life figure whose very texture and essence needed to be revealed on the surface for individuals to log on to.

Graphically, a rich black, the color of unlimited possibilities and Magic was chosen. Gold metallic and/or orange were picked for power, creativity and rebirth. Helvetica title fonts used in children’s early reading books were chosen to bring his future clients back to their youth before limiting beliefs were instilled.

We shot videos on a cold winter’s day and at the Minnesota River to get the true essence of nature, his Shamanism and power. Hanakia chose to engage in a conversation with the viewer rather than a condescending authority lesson. This we felt projected deeper into what his audience both needed and desired. If you listen closely, one can hear the Elementals making their presence known at exactly the right moment in each video.

Hanakia IS the brand.