The Perfect Belt Buckle

Henslin Auctions Inc. contacted ASB Design to create a new logo to brand their traditional and growing on-line auction business. At our consultation, we learned it was a multi-generational business that helped clients with every detail from the beginning auction listing to post clean-up. We were told red was the corporate color and my clients wanted a symbolic logo.

The color red in Feng Shui represents fame and abundance, which was used to their advantage. As an Elemental, we See red as representing fire much like the voice of an auctioneer firing-up or motivating a crowd. We saw how this family business helped their clients feel ease during their personal sale so we created a gentle chrome transition behind their name. Chrome also represented the large equipment they sometimes auctioned.

Their multi-generation teamwork is symbolized with a powerful H. It also represents the families coming together to create a strong business.

The overall shape of the logo represents their traditional and on-line business success. My client also informed us the shape made the perfect belt buckle.