True Essence Shines Through

Tanya’s Healing Hands had originally connected with ASB Design to create branding for her very successful massage and Yoga business. The business was located in a town of 1,300 residents so this made it quite a remarkable feat. In our initial discussion we learned the owner, Tanya was also an author and spiritual retreat facilitator. Both her beauty and determination resonated in how she expressed herself verbally and in her attire.

Although a tree is used quite frequently in energy logos, we saw the resonance perfect for all aspects of Tanya and her business. The massage part of her business was represented creatively in the trunk figure and releasing leaves. Her Spiritual facilitator work was expressed from the grounding roots to the expanding treetop. Tree pose is a popular Yoga asana so again it was a perfect fit.

For the original massage website, we combined multiple images in the top slider to reflect her different business aspects. A rich purple and ice blue were chosen as the online main colors to represent both insight and truth which we felt resonated with her target audience.

After relocating, Tanya went on to shift her business focus into coaching and mentoring other massage therapists and wellness providers. Again we saw her tree as the perfect essence of the business. The name circling the tree in this logo vibrates nurturing, unity and endless possibilities for her future students, perfect for her new venture.

The resonance of her successful massage business was carried through in her new mentoring website with purple. Spring green replaced ice blue to vibrate growth and expansion.

Photographing her intuitively, Tanya’s caring nature, beauty and true essence shines through to the viewer.