What True Legends Are Made Of

Medallion Beef owner Tom Revier knows how to raise quality beef and the flavor of a five-star steak. Four generations of his family had been in the cattle business and he was now branching out under the Medallion name to provide high-end steakhouses a cut above the rest.

We met at his corporate headquarters where his passion for raising beef became apparent very quickly. He explained to us his care of cattle and the extra measures taken to ensure that both they and the environment were protected.

As an Intuitive Designer, I stepped back and saw his resonating pride and determination, and knew it needed to be expressed graphically. Tom had herded cattle on horseback all his life, which we saw as a unique part of the brand and an important texture to highlight. The classic American Cowboy history provided the perfect essence, both in imagery and the logo.

We used rich black to emphasize both his prize Black Angus and the soil that grew crops to produce them. The perfect Medallion color was gold for obvious reasons.

Tom’s care of both cattle and the environment are what true Legends are made of.