A Unique Palindrome


The new, up and coming Negen Architectural firm contacted ASB Design about creating its branding. In our consultation we were told orange was the owners preferred color. We See the color orange as creative and youthful, which is what our client was. We also observed that our client was very detail oriented so both creativity and precision resonated from this new company.

Negen is a unique palindrome so the overall shape of the logo is a rectangle representing balance and dependability. The color orange can also represent creativity, thinking differently, unconventionally or from a new perspective. This made the color perfect for the company.

The open stacked E not only represents the attention to detail and architectural shapes, in Numerology, three symbolizes optimism, visionaries, spontaneity and energy.

A strong black bar highlights the partners with a light font on their services balances the logo and resonates the Energy of the company.