Enjoy and Drink Responsibly

Established in the 1960’s, Olivia Liquor Store hired ASB Design to create a fresh new branding look. Seeing the business, we knew the new logo would also spark changes to the interior of the establishment which needed an update.

A sense of connection came forward to us not only in our client’s products but also in the fact it was located in a small community and not a big box store. To accentuate the connectedness, we created an arched Olivia on a green ellipse. Circle and ellipses resonate unity and community so it was perfect.

To highlight the products our client sold, illustrations of beverage sources –  grains and grapes were used. A thick gradated color outline around the logo represents the colors of beverages – wine, beer and spirits.

The color of red wine behind LIQUOR STORE represents stability and a subtle reminder to enjoy and drink responsibly.