Yellow for Confidence, Corn and Health

Through the years, the City of Olivia aka “The Corn Capital of the World” was using a variety of mismatched icons. ASB Design was hired to create a new logo and branding that would have multiple applications from letterhead to the water tower bringing the city together. It was hinted a cob of corn would be nice but not necessary.

Stepping back and Seeing Olivia, a strong sense of pride at being “The Corn Capital” was very visible and was celebrated with a large annual festival. It was also a diverse community ranging from newborns to very elderly residents with a multiple of ethic cultures.

To highlight Olivia we chose a familiar serif font with the shape of the letter calling forth ownership. This was a perfect for the city’s community pride. To emphasize the longevity of the city, a retro script for the byline and a woodcut illustration of the corncob was used.

To represent the diverse population of Olivia we used multiple rule widths in green, the color of growth. In addition to corn, the color yellow symbolizes Manipura, the third Chakra which is our center of self-confidence. In Feng Shui, yellow represents health and well being. An ellipse, the symbol of unity, in yellow resonates Olivia as a confident, healthy community in which to live. Olivia is also located on the Old Yellowstone Trail so the color choice is even more perfect.