One + One = One

When independent RC Hospital purchased three privately owned clinics from one health organization, ASB Design was asked to create the new logo and branding. 1 + 1 = 1 was the theme we developed for the merger.

The entities are represented with the four leaves joining together to create one new health care system symbolized by the flower. For this client, we chose the color green for healing, growth and life with pink representing caring or love. RC Hospital & Clinics proudly displays its “Caring Values” so the colors were perfect for the client. Rebranding was done on all print, media and web.

Later, the vibration of the logo continued for the new state-of-the-art medical center finished in 2015. Unlike other sterile hospitals, RC Hospital & Clinics incorporated several healing gardens into their landscape as well as a cafe serving healthy, nutritious meals. ASB Design created a subtle healthy garden design that resonated on all billboards, ads, support materials and 50 page website which we designed and built.

ASB Design played a large part in designing the new medical center’s interior way signage, exterior directional and branding signage and large donor wall. Representing elements of the hospital’s architecture and Renville County’s topography in the signage, the viewer has a connection to the facility and communities it serves. We also designed all support materials, advertisements and maps from the initial Capital Campaign to the Grand Opening event.

The Grand Opening day was certainly a day of pride not only to ASB Design but all Renville County residents.