We Saw A Global Business

When we first met RC Thomas Company owner Rod, he was training seed sales reps across the United States. His success in the industry was unmatched unlike his support materials. Rod was a Rock Star in the seed selling business, he just needed to graphically resonate that.

The first thing was a new logo. We saw RC Thomas’ business becoming global with unlimited growth both personally and for his clients. We also sensed family was important as the business was named after his son.

A traditional business font was chosen in a green gradation with RC at 90 degrees representing upward growth and potential. A World illustration was used, and later updated, to represent future possibilities. COMPANY reverse in a blue bar vibrates truth, an important aspect in training and sales. The overall shape of the logo is a rectangle for steadfastness and power.

In designing RC Thomas’ support materials, we used a compass and other powerful adventurous imagery to resonate with sales reps who tend to be independent risk takers. Color variations were used for the different training programs, campaigns and CD jackets. Just as a sales presentation can move fast with a lot of adrenaline, design work and deadlines needed to be the same.

His new Seed Seller Training Journal targeted both sales reps and the management who employed them. The intent was to not only inspire sellers, but also build Rod’s consulting business. Articles were short, so again we saw powerful adventurous imagery as the key to delivering the message. Corporate blue was used, as it is associated with svadhisthana, the verbal fifth Chakra and one of the key aspects of being a sales person. We chose strong fonts for the Seed Seller logo for the same reasons.

Rod and RC Thomas Company have gone on to become one of the World’s premier seed seller training organizations, all starting from a family mini-van.