Old Glory, New Standard

ASB Design was hired to re-create the existing Revier Cattle Company Rockin R icon into a logo and brand that could be used on a multitude of mediums, from semi doors to one-pound brick stickers.

A great sense of pride resonated from the state-of-the-art-facility as we turned on to the gravel road and followed the neat white fence to the corporate headquarters. Upon greeting the owner Tom, we discovered that pride was from five generations of cattle producing expertise; the family owned fertile farmland that produced high quality feed, and the hand picked Black Angus Seed stock. Revier Cattle Company had designed, invested and patented a barn system that was unlike any other in the world. This new barn system for cattle production provided low stress environments for cattle so they could in-turn produce consistently tender, great tasting beef.

To resonate the company’s attention to quality, hard work, and pride, ASB Design chose Old Glory Blue and Old Glory Red, the colors of our American flag, as the corporate colors. A balance of old family photos, on-location shots, sensual food images and the American flag were chosen for marketing materials to resonate the brands long history, environmental sustainability and virtues to target audiences. We’ve carried this through with the user-friendly website that ASB Design also designed, built and maintains.

Revier Cattle Company’s high quality, tender beef has been enjoyed all over the World. Very soon it will set the bar for the American palate…maybe even yours.