20+ Year Creative Relationship

Newly formed Wensman Seed Company was on the forefront of the fast developing seed genetic technology when they hired ASB Design to create their logo. Little did we know, it would develop into a 20+ year creative relationship and the honor of being considered a member of their Team.

Wensman Seed Company was ahead of the competition so we chose to emphasize this with a bold all cap serif font. Our intent was once the Wensman name was recognizable, the elements could stand-alone. The company’s goal was to produce high quality, high yielding seed so this commitment was reinforced with the kernel positioned above the scientific/technology grid. The light blue grid represents the future growth as well as truth with the blue color. A byline “Seed Technology for Your Success” was sometimes used, again stating the company’s commitment to both technology and it’s customers.

From top management to employees, honesty and integrity are two qualities we See resonating through Wensman. To represent this to their customers, we chose the strength of deep blue for many of the branding materials throughout the years. This was a compliment to their golden seed and final high yield harvest. A fresh new marketing campaign was created yearly to highlight the advancements in Wensman’s seed technology and new products.

A lot has changed in 20 years but not Wensman’s commitment to quality seed, its team, and growers. The Wensman brand is truly synonymous with success and yield leader.